Our Mission: Affordable Private Education

Education has the power to transform the lives of individuals, as well as their families and communities, especially when the focus is awakening wonder and forming character. The Ecclesial Schools Initiative was founded with the purpose of expanding access to private Christian education, opening doors to a transformative education and putting high-quality education within reach of every family.


Nothing new, no time-saving devices,—simply old time-glorified methods of delving for Truth, and searching out the hidden beauties of life, and learning the good of living…not to earn meat, but to know the end and aim of that life which meat nourishes.

W.E.B. Du Bois


An Innovative Model

The Ecclesial Model uses a unique combination of public and private funding to make a truly formative education available to all families, removing socioeconomic barriers to high quality education. The combination of state scholarship funds, private donations, and church resources allows us to make private education available to every student.

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An Uncommon Education

How a school teaches can be just as important as what it teaches. Ecclesial Schools are a network of K-12 schools that awaken wonder through play and poetic knowledge, teaching children to love learning. Students learn to discover and demonstrate truth through the liberal arts of math and language. Character is formed as boys and girls acquire practical skills to serve the community while cultivating wisdom and discernment.

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Why It Matters

Children need to be nourished on goodness, truth, and beauty in a community of faith and learning. For our community to flourish, a quality education cannot be reserved for only those who can afford it. The Ecclesial Schools Initiative is dedicated to creating a network of schools that use a combination of public and private funding to provide this kind of education to children, regardless of family income.



Central Florida “ALICE” Families

Over 46% of Central Floridians—more than 1 million people—fall into what the United Way defines as ALICE: Asset-Low, Income Constrained, but Employed



Private School Tuition

Tuition at Central Florida private schools can exceed $15,000 dollars, placing it out of reach of many families



YEars of Experience

Our founder and board represent over 30 years of providing exceptional education.

WHY The Ecclesial Model Is Different

Education will never be transformational as long as it is transactional. We are captivated by a vision of Christian liberal arts education as a common good, not a commodity, equipping young women and men to bring the wisdom and beauty and justice of New Creation to bear for the life of the world.

Kevin Clark / More About Our Founder