Addressing a Need for Private Education

While many in our community desire private school options for educating their children, few can afford the alternatives to traditional public schools that are currently available. Upwards of 40% of Central Florida—more than 900,000 people—is what the United Way terms “ALICE”: Asset Low, Income Constrained, but Employed.

Tuition at private schools in Central Florida can exceed $15,000 per year, and the limited financial aid offerings are often oriented towards keeping middle class families enrolled instead of providing access to underserved students.  Homeschooling is an option for some, but many families simply cannot afford to lose a second income to make home-based education possible. Charter or magnet schools solve the problem of accessibility, but they leave out the essential place of faith formation. 

Exceptionally Christian. fully funded. Truly Accessible

Our organization exists to support the growth and mission of the Church by cultivating a network of schools that make formative Christian education truly accessible for all families, regardless of financial means. 

In addition to the venture philanthropy start-up funds from The Drexel Fund, Florida’s tax credit scholarship program Step Up For Students provides money for students to attend private schools. Because the money is donated from Florida businesses, it is “no strings attached” money meaning no curricular or assessment demands are placed on the schools that receive this money.

Bringing together Florida’s generous Step Up for Students scholarship program and a proven development model, our schools remove the financial and social barriers to an extraordinary education, restoring education from a commodity to a common good.