Education with a higher purpose

Education is always in service of some vision of “the good life.” Based upon some idea of what it means for humans to flourish, this vision inspires a school’s mission, defines its culture, and ultimately determines its curriculum.

We believe that a good human life is characterized by knowledge and discernment, fruitful and dignified work, and skillful service undertaken for the common good. We also believe that to participate in this vision of the good life a child must be nourished with goodness, truth, and beauty in a community of faith and learning.


reimagining schools to recapture learning

In many places, schooling does not inspire children to think and solve complex problems, read deeply and write skillfully, discover new connections among previous knowledge, or express themselves eloquently and lead others wisely. Instead, it has been reduced to vocational training or resume building, built upon the idea that the human’s greatest purpose is financial security, public accolades, or the accumulation of goods.

Devoted to the idea of being saturated in the life and rhythms of the church, our mission is to cultivate a network of schools that make formative Christian liberal arts education accessible to all families. In this way we hope to serve the Church in its call to bring the wisdom and beauty and justice of New Creation to bear for the life of the world.